Ricky Martin arrives in Brazil in March.

Mission:  record a video clip with the song from the world champion award winner SuperSong promoted by Sony .

Song : Vida

“Finally the time came. let us dance in the sun , grab someone and let love make us one”, says the free translation from the first verse of the track , which will be the official album of the brazilian World Cup.

The whole creative process , and the first recording of the video clip will display in the special SuperSong TV , production of Sony Pictures Television.

The Supersong is a project of the Sony conglomerate One Sony involving companies Sony Corporation , Sony Music, Sony Pictures Television , Sony Mobile Communications and Sony / ATV Music Publishing .

Ricky Martin , pop star enshrined in the hispanic market and has sold over 70 million albums worldwide , will play the song Vida from the american musician Elijah King, winner of the contest and who appears at night in Miami. He is also a producer .

“My desire is to see my music reach the masses and make a mark in this generation” says King .

Who will produce the single: Salaam Remi , who previously worked with stamped names in rock , pop and R & B as Lauryn Hill , Alicia Keys , Santana , Sting and Amy Winehouse .

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