Jota Quest prepares to hit on the road

The dates of first performances in 2014 with the repertoire of their seventh studio album Funky Funky Boom Boom and other great hits of mining band were already defined :

March, 29 in Fundição Progresso – Rio

April 12, in Citibank Hall – Sao Paulo

The new show will bring even new arrangements for big band hits , especially the special participation of paulista collective Funk Como Le Gusta , and a trio of backing vocals.

The show promises for the Jota Quest´s fans a new visual experiences , which will see a further specially designed scenery and lighting .

Incidentally, in recent days the new single Waiting For You , who will win a video version and will have the direction from Paula Lavigne was released .

The recordings took place last Sunday ( 17 ) in Studio Pier, Rio de Janeiro .

The production had participation of the Intrépida Trupe group and Jota´s members doing stunts on ropes alongside the artists. Vocalist Roger Flausino , even with an orthopedic boot, had fun while recording .

Special animations and impeccable post-production will be part of the new clip !

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