Young singer- songwriter from Sao Paulo , Gustavo Galo launches , this early 2014 , his first solo album , ASA , produced by Gustavo Ruiz and Tata Airship .

After eight years on the road and two discs with the Trupe Chá de Boldo , which is singer and main songwriter , Galo now travels new paths in a more intimate work with leaner instrumental training , minimalist sound , more rocker than the Trupe .

Moda , which is available on the Internet ( ) , is the first single . It is he himself who tells how the idea came : ” I ‘ Fashion ‘ after , by chance, find a childhood friend . It was once the Trupe  launched the video for  Na Garrafa and managed to get first rank at the MTV Brazil videos of the most requested by the audience .

We were in first and second Justin Bieber . It was funny . Anyway , I had not seen this friend since a long time . He turned to me and said , “Wow , you’re famous! ” . I got a little scared. I asked : ” Famous ? ” . I explained that I was broke , living with 4 rental in Lapa town and in fact I had not some fame . He corrected himself and concluded : ‘ All right . Not fame. It you ‘re trendy ‘ . That phrase stuck in my head . I wondered trendy viola and trendy Oscar Freire street . And did my fashion ‘ no income ‘ and with much pleasure. ” – .

Gustavo Galo launches first solo album

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